Railing Options

Steel railings are a stunning and functional addition to any space, offering a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and structural integrity. Tailored to individual preferences and architectural requirements, these railings showcase exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. The versatility of steel allows for intricate designs while ensuring enhanced safety and support. Whether adorning a staircase, balcony, or terrace, custom steel railings elevate the visual appeal of the space, leaving a lasting impression on visitors. With the option to choose from various finishes and styles, these railings can be personalized to complement any interior or exterior design, making them a compelling choice for those seeking a distinctive and enduring accent to their property.

4' Classic 2 Rail
4' Black 2 Rail Genesis

with Boy Scout Finials/p>

4' Black 2 Rail Majestic
Majestic 2 Rail Steel Railing
5' Classic 3 Rail
4' Black 3 Rail Genesis

with Quad Flare Finials

4' Black 3 Rail Majestic
Majestic 3 Rail Steel Railing

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The Legacy Difference!

High quality Icon
Higher Quality

Higher quality products for a competitive price.

Red Pine Icon
Red Pine

Our Red Pine comes from Michigan and is more durable than the genetically engineered yellow pine mose companies use.

No Staples
No Staples

On wooden fences, we use ring-shank nails instead of staples.

80 pPounds Minimum Icon
80Lb Minimum

Every fence post hole has 80 lbs of concrete minimum poured. Gate posts have minimum of 160 lbs.

6 inch Gate
6" Gate Hinge Posts

6" Gate Hinge Posts on every gate.

#1 Grade Posts & Rails Icon
#1 Grade Posts & Rails

Only company that uses #1 Grade Posts & Rails.

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View More Of Our Work Or Send Us A Message!

View More Of Our Work Or Send Us A Message!

Vinyl fencing limited lifetime warranty
E-coat process paint warrenty 20 years
labor warrenty 2 year